Space Between

In between the drops of rain falling,
Filling the space made by grains of sand,
In between the rushing white waves
Crashing into shore after shore
Receding back, coming forth
Ebbing, flowing waxing, waning


In between the sun's meanderings
Across the sky's infinite space
Night to day and day to night,
In between the beats of all the drums
In all the lands, making music
Of heart's desires, constantly.


In between all these is a hush
Of time passing into eternity.
In that gap all souls become one.
What is and what is not
Disappears there, revealing light,
A presence of absoluteness.


In between your breath and mine
The cosmos dances, spirit sings joy,
Love overflows in ecstasy of creation.
The universe turns inside of itself
And infinity's void becomes the All,
In the grace of such place(s) between things.


By Linda Kerr