Strategic Planning Activity

Feb. 2019 Update

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2019 Creative Framework Working Document

2018 Update

The Following presents the most recent work drafted by the Board of Trustees as a continuation of the Conscious Conversations and Community visioning session that were facilitated in the later part of 2017. This is a working document setting forth 5 major Intentions, and the objectives that have emerged under each Intention category. Stay alert to further updates as this work evolves to become clear goals and timelines.


Mission-Based, Community-Centric 
Creative Framework - Working Document
2018 - 2019
VISION: Centered In Spirit, We Celebrate An Awakened World, Filled With
Peace, Abundance And Love.
MISSION: We Are A Vibrant, Inclusive, Spiritual Community, Inspiring People To
Realize And Express Their Divine Nature
Intention I:       Expanded Presence
a.  Marketing and public relations
b.  The larger community involvement & outreach
c.  Create a Shared Identity
d.  Multi-Media Outreach
Intention II:     Transformational services, programs and events
a.  Small group experience
b.  Educational programs (plus logistics of it)
c.  Sunday service
d.  Vibrant prayer ministry
Intention III:  Inspired, Active, Engaged Community
a.  Leadership development; LUT and Lay Leaders
b.  Social activities and opportunities
c.  Sacred Service (Volunteer Programs)
d.  A Unity–Principled Culture
Intention IV:  Clear, Integrated Communication Among Board, Minister, Community
a. Community-centric organizational structure; 
          articulated, communicated and understood
b.    Formal structure for internal communications
Intention V:  Organizational Integrity
a. Sound financial base
b. Policies and Procedures
c. Sustainable Stewardship
Prepared by the UofSB Board of Trustees
January 2018