Strategic Planning Activity

Strategic Plan 2019 - 2020 Creative Framework

Working Document

VISION: Centered in divine love, we celebrate a kind and awakened world filled with peace, abundance and joy.

MISSION: We inspire, educate, and serve to awaken our oneness with Spirit.

Intention I:       Expanded Presence


a.  Marketing and public relations

Goal 1: Market and advertise UoSB 

Task 1: Advertise on social media, yelp, craigslist, parent click, etc

Task 2: Create a list of all free media

Goal 2: Promote events (concerts & special events) at UoSB 

Task 1: send info on events to free media list and post at online media sites

b.  The larger community involvement & outreach  

Goal 1: Create/update brochures - main brochure, youth program brochure and volunteer opportunities brochure

Task 1: Review and edit text, hire graphic artist to design, print, share brochures at UoSB, distribute brochures in community

c.  Create a Shared Identity

Goal 1: Communicate UoSB Mission and Vision regularly to the congregation

Task 1: State Mission, Vision, and Core Values at beginning of Sunday service.

d.  Multi-Media Outreach

Goal 1: Use multi-media to promote Unity SB experience and opportunities

Task 1: Scroll “get involved” slides at beginning and end of Sunday service

Task 2: Update website regularly and include links to info on web in weekly e-newsletter

Task 3: Put core values and how to enact them our website and go over them at new member classes

Intention II:     Transformational services, programs and events


a.  Small group experience

Goals: Workshops with Transitional Minister

Tasks: Rev Phil hold 6 transitional workshops 

b.  Educational programs 


Goals: Workshops & Trainings with Transitional Ministers and others

Task 1:  Rev Phil & Rev Cathy hold workshops & training classes

Taks 2: Clyde and Prissy will teach Non-Violent Communication classes

c.  Sunday service


Goal 1: Fine tuning Sunday Service

Task 1 : Rev Phil & Rev Cathy revise order and flow of Sunday service

Task 2: Rev Phil meet with Platform Team and discuss & revise platform script

Goal 2:  Add a 15 minute Meditation Service from 9:30 - 9:45 (Luke will organize)

d.  Vibrant prayer ministry


Goals: Ongoing prayer activities and prayer trainings

Task 1: Prayer Chaplin Catherine W. announce & bless prayer box at beginning on Sunday Service.

Task 2: Have classes in Unity’s method of prayer and expand prayer team

Intention III:  Inspired, Active, Engaged Community


a.  Leadership development

Goal 1: Develop Lay Leaders

Task 1: Chair of each team is not a board member

Task 2: Platform hosts will begin to lead Sunday meditations

b.  Social activities and opportunities


Goal 1: Effectively communicate and discern social events from fundraising events.

Task 1: Increase free social opportunities including a quarterly potluck.

Talk 2: Have these quarterly potlucks be “celebrations of abundance”

Task 3: Develop cost-efficient budgets available to volunteers participating in the planning of events.

Goal 2 : Encourage feedback and active participation among the congregation in fostering a greater sense of community.

Task 1: Designate a volunteer to oversee an area for display on Sundays of all upcoming social events and active groups.

Task 2 : Develop a survey to regularly distribute to volunteers and/or participants following social events asking for feedback.

Task 3: Develop an outline of a social activity or group proposal to be made available on Sundays. (and/or on the website?)

c.  Sacred Service (Volunteering )

Goal 1: Increase participation and involvement in volunteer opportunities 

Task 1: Enhance existing Volunteer Coordinator position

Task 2: Develop Volunteer brochure 

Taks 3: Have a Sacred Service training quarterly

d.  A Unity–Principled Culture

Goals: Set tone and culture of a “blame-free” community

Task 1: Hold 6 transitional workshops

Task 2: Hold regular Q Process trainings

Intention IV:  Clear, Integrated Communication Among Board, Minister, Community


  1. Community-centric organizational structure; articulated, communicated and understood

Goal 1: Transparency by Board

Task 1: Board role, teams, decisions, etc communicated clearly and consistently to congregation 

      b. Formal structure for internal communications

Goal 1: Promote internal communication

Task 1: Monthly updates from the Board via Sunday service, website and e-newsletter

Task 2: Hold quarterly town-hall meetings

Task 3: Have a monthly report from the Ministerial Search Team-

Intention V:  Organizational Integrity


a. Sound financial base

Goal 1: Be a resource as an advisor for the management staff.

Task 1: assisting as appropriate in the preparation of the annual budget.

Task 2: To independently review with Management the periodic financial statements with a view to assessing their reasonableness and investigating variances as needed

Goal 2: Provide input to the Board relative to the financial operations and the financial statements, and the long term fiscal health and sustainability of UOSB

Task 1: Treasurer to provide monthly financial team report to board 

Goal 3: To periodically review the system, procedures and internal controls surrounding the financial operations to determine their relative 'adequacy in the circumstances'

Task 1: Report on the linkage between financial results and the strategic plan (of activities) of the church

b. Policies and Procedures

Goal 1: Develop and enhance policies and procedures to provide a strong, safe organization

Task 1: Board develop Code of Conduct and Disruptive Behavior Policy

Task 2: At direction of Minister, Staff develop and maintain a Policy & Procedures Manual

Task 3: Create clear job descriptions for paid staff and volunteers

c. Sustainable Stewardship

Goal 1: Develop revenue stability

Task 1: Enhance rental revenue through a rental revenue enhancement plan

Task 2: Promote stock gifts & estate planning options to congregation

Task 3: Create a consciousness of tithing through classes and testimonials

Task 4: Improve grounds to create more rentals, weddings, etc.

Task 5: Hold a “blessing service” when we do ground-breaking for above