Sunday Service: The Future of Victimization or Empowerment

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This Sunday's featured speaker is Rev. Cathy Norman!

The Future of Victimization or Empowerment

As we continue along our year of 2020, all kinds of strange things seem to be going on around us. Each U.S. State has its own political system of dysfunction. Relationships are shaky. Daily news of some kind of trauma. The digital revolution is shaking up all kinds of things that use to seem stable and dependable. How does a conscious person deal with such weird events and changes?

A Course in Miracles tell us, "Trust would settle every problem now." This applies personally and globally. The Course also tells us not to judge by appearances. Behind apparent chaos is a greater plan that includes the presence of higher wisdom. 

 So let's keep in mind, the ego judges from three-dimensional vision, while the Spirit evaluates from a higher-dimensional vision. 

       This year of 2020 we will see things as we choose to see them, not as we have been taught they are.

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