Surrender, An Empowering Perspective

Surrender does not come easily to those of us who have been schooled by the world in dealing with life's challenges. To our rational mind, surrender is throwing in the towel, giving up or giving in, and it flies in the face of our ego's instinct to control everyone and everything.
Our rationalistic approach to difficulty seeks to convince us that prediction and control is the way to manage whatever arises. Steeped in a Newtonian view of the world, we approach our problems as we would a broken clock, believing that a complete understanding of parts and movements will lead us to the right fix.
We can maintain this view of life until, like the discovery of quantum mechanics, it no longer fits the reality we are facing, and is inadequate to explain or work out life's dilemmas.   The day comes for all of us when we suffer a great fall; when our life breaks in such a way that our best thinking fails us. In those moments, we encounter a much vaster unknowable reality than our limited senses and intellect can comprehend. When the challenge is so beyond our human capacity to understand, let alone resolve, we are figuratively or literally driven to our knees.   This is the proverbial Gethsemane moment when what we are facing, and what life is asking of us takes us to the edge of our human resourcefulness. This is a pivotal moment in our spiritual progress, for the way we respond yields either a breakdown or a breakthrough. If we cling rigidly to rational attempts to control the situation and will our way out of it, we will probably break under the sheer weight of an impossible situation. But if we recognize the limits of our mind, and surrender our hearts to a higher power, we can break through to a universal presence that can support us in moving through any challenge.
If we can summon even a little willingness to let go and put ourselves at the risk of not knowing, we make way for a greater knowing to reach our hearts. This is the narrow way of spiritual surrender; where the headstrong way is abandoned in favor of the heart's guidance. A surrender unlike any other, in which you do not give up on life, but give way to the Greater Life that surrender reveals.
Join us this Sunday as we look at Surrender, An Empowering Perspective.
Love and Blessings
Rev. Larry