Thriving Through Uncertainty

This Sunday we are privileged and blessed to have an extraordinary presenter share the Sunday message and an afternoon workshop on Thriving Through Uncertainty.  While I normally take the Sunday off when we have a guest speaker, I don’t want to miss this dynamic and gifted presenter and her timely message.

Tama Kieves left a high profile law career to “write and help others live the life they were born to live.”  An honors graduate of Harvard Law School, Tama Kieves is the nationally bestselling author of three books, including Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work. Her new book is Thriving through Uncertainty. Featured on Oprah, ABC, Huffington Post, and more, Tama speaks and leads retreats and is known for her electrifying presence, warm compassion, edgy humor, “real world” spirituality, and the big possibilities she brings out in others. She’s also taught A Course in Miracles for 28 years.

Her talk on Sunday will focus on the topic of dealing with uncertainty, revealing how we can actually thrive through uncertain times.  The following describes her message, as excerpted from her latest book, Thriving through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You ( c 2018 TarcherPerigee)

The unknown is not the enemy. It’s an invitation to become even more alive than you were before.

When our plans fail, our destiny begins. We’re off the map. But we’re on track for an inspired life.

Most of us fight change. Yet it’s a strength to be undoing that which no longer works for you, even when you think it does. Undoing is progress, not mayhem.

As a career/success coach, I remind clients: Real life always expands, even when we feel like things are stuck or going in the wrong direction. We are designed to let go of our lobster shells and grow into new ones.

You are not the erratic conditions of this moment. You are a powerhouse. You are a continuous force of evolution, a surprise even to yourself. Your inspired life is more than the life you planned. There is an orchestration, a calculation, sometimes an ambush, yet always an intelligence fueling the “chaos.”

A mother doesn’t have to understand or even trust the birth process to give birth. Your next expression wants to be born. Great and mighty forces marshal their strength around you. It’s your time. You’re uncovering a new way to breathe and feel safe in the world, even though you can’t imagine it.  You already have a path. It’s not something to figure out. It’s something to allow. Let go of your insistence on what things “should” look like. Trust your transformation. Change may wear “a wolf suit.” Yet it’s wild, abundant magic comes knocking on your door.

Be sure to join us this Sunday for this powerful and inspiring message and workshop.  All of us live with uncertainty, it is the nature of life, the question is how well do we live with uncertainty? Is it holding us back, limiting our expression or is it the catalyst for growth and expansion?  Join us Sunday and learn the enlightened approach to thriving through uncertain times.

Peace and blessings

Rev Larry