Together to a New Minister

 Onward into the Future of Unity SB

Here we go to the future of UoSB. Rev. Phil Smedstad, Transitional Ministry Specialist, guided us in a transitional process of celebrating, and/or healing the past, and then releasing it to prepare for the future.

The Ministerial Packet was developed and sent to Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) in late 2019, and the search process for a new minister has been underway since then.  The Search Team is excited to report that we have some strong candidates under review. 

We continue to affirm:  “We are one with the all-encompassing presence of God and are guided by the Christ Spirit within to attract and receive the minister who shares our vision for Unity of Santa Barbara, and has the capabilities to support our congregation in bringing it forth. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.”

Minister Search Team   Meet our Interim Ministers 

Minister Candidates   Farewell from Rev Phil