Unitive Way and Jesus Teachings - Pt.3

When heart-awareness becomes fully formed within a person, he or she will be operating out of nondual consciousness. But it's not simply a higher level of the same old mind; it's a whole new operating system! 
- excerpt from The Wisdom Jesus, by Cynthia Bourgeault
During this series of lessons, we have been uncovering the wisdom, the sophiology, within the Jesus' teachings, and it has lead us from a dualistic, binary understanding to the wholeness of heart knowledge. The implications and impact of this shift in how we relate to spiritual matters is nothing less than cataclysmic - literally shattering conceptual faith at its dualistic foundation. 
Left to the surface mind, which perceives separation and discrete objects, a world of phenomena apart from itself, there is a "me" and there is an "other", there is "me" and there is "God." This optical delusion of consciousness, as Einstein coined it, sets up a chasm that has us forever trying to bridge and join with the Divine. This is our deepest yearning, frustrated by our most persistent illusion.
Jesus addressed this misconception with the Samaritan women when she said that God should be worshiped on a mountain or in the Temple.[1] This deeply embedded notion of a self apart from the Source of Life, is responsible for the thirst that can never be quenched. It is this seek-but-not-find maelstrom that is at the core of human suffering. Jesus invited her (and us) to behold the unitive, inner way, saying, God is Spirit, at no distance from us, neither in time or space. When we allow the mind to sink into the heart, allowing separation to dissolve through a deeper, inherent knowing, we encounter "living water," a spring of eternal life, that brings seeking to an end.
Join us Sunday as we look at some of the Beatitudes, Jesus' great sermon, from this unitive perspective. Your eyes will be opened to a much deeper understanding of the Master's words, and your heart will be nourished and satiated by this wholehearted revelation.
Peace and blessings
Rev. Larry
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