Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Over the last few weeks, it has been the best and worst of times for my personal state of awareness. I’ve been both lifted by moments awash in Divine realization and flattened against painful shards of self-deprecation. Quite the contrast – the still shocking disparity in the journey of a soul struggling to maintain its place in the Kingdom. 
It remains curious and confounding that having breathed the rarefied air and tasted the sweet nectar of Truth, that I would so easily and readily fall from grace. Do I knowingly submit to this suffering – or is it deeply programmed autonomic response born of shadowed beliefs that overpowers free will?

I am seeking to stay more alert to this default process, to see if I can catch the first glimpses of separation thoughts or feelings that undermine my foothold on the sacred ground of Truth. I admit so far I’ve made little progress in coming up with a preemptory strategy.  So my strategy, for now, is ex post facto. As Buddha said, it is not how often you forget, but how soon you remember, that truly matters.

Just what are you and I supposed to remember?  In a word, OnenessWhat we forget, that causes all kinds of pain and suffering for you and I is our oneness with God.  We are adrift in a dream of separation from the one and only true source of comfort and peace.  We seek but do not find because we seek amiss. Despite a deplorable track record, we continue to bet on outer events, circumstances, material gain, hoping that if we win on the track of life we’ll be happy at last. We are done in by false promises and false identities, defining ourselves by our accomplishments, acquisitions, believing we are our bodies and minds.  In so doing we get self-realization backward.  All these externals become, as some have described, like pieces of silver offered in betrayal of the Truth. We conclude, to our great peril and pain, that we are human beings seeking a spiritual experience. We expect God to come down off of a cloud and rescue us from the world. But the Divine is within us, patiently waiting for us to come down off of a cloud of delusion and join with its unwavering Presence of love and peace.

So the journey back is to stop the madness asap – realize that the pain is not held over us by outer events but our reaction to them.  When my ego is ranting and railing, making up all kinds of stories about why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling, I must find the pause button and then I must exercise the deep intention to know the Truth once more.  This is no casual activity when you are immersed in a big drama, especially if your core emotional issue has reared its head.  This is spiritual warfare when I must unsheath the lightsaber and burn away the illusory beliefs that would separate me from my true source.  It takes great resolve, and determination, to stay this course, to go from being “held hostage by the ego to being host to God.”  How simple --- learning to be good hosts to God – to simply make ourselves at home in the Presence that is our true abode.

Join us Sunday as we look at Part 4 in our Journey of Awakening in a message entitled, Believing is Seeing. 

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry