We Pray Affirmatively

When most people think of prayer, they think of asking God for something. 

Not so in Unity.

Rather than begging or beseeching God, we connect with the spirit of God within and assert positive beliefs about the desired outcome.   Affirmative prayer is the same method of prayer Jesus taught when he said,

“So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).

UoSB Prayer Ministry

To reach our prayer ministry by phone, call (805) 966-2377

Additionally, we have prayer boxes on campus where you may write out your request and leave for our Prayer Ministry. 

Our Prayer Ministry will receive your prayer request, hold it in prayer, and forward it to Silent Unity.

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Silent Unity

For more than 125 years, Silent Unity has been praying with and for people throughout the world. Whatever your prayer need, finding peace of mind provides a foundation of strength to face any situation. Your request is a sacred trust and is kept confidential. 

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation is the conscious direction of one's attention to the inner self. Begin by relaxing your body and then turning your mind inward to the stillness, resting in the beautiful sense of your oneness with God.

Meditation may be guided, in which a leader speaks positive, uplifting words or intones sound. Meditators let their minds flow with the sound or words in quiet repose. Other meditations are not guided, focusing on a mantra or simply clearing thoughts.

What Are Some Suggested Steps to Creating a Meditation Practice?

  • Try to select a regular time for your meditation.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair or cushion, wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Begin by concentrating on your breathing.
  • When you are ready to turn your attention inward, shift your attention to your special phrase, such as "I AM.”
  • Empty your mind of all thoughts except your special words. As thoughts come, observe them and allow them to pass through.
  • Expect nothing. Don't worry about how you are doing.
  • When finished, take time to savor the experience.

If you meditate and find yourself harassed by thoughts, feelings, and especially memories, don't despair. Taming the mind to listen means having to go through some retraining in the beginning. As you keep your attention on your breath, the mind will quiet down and you will eventually experience that still, small voice within you.

What Is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative means agreeing with a statement; being supportive, hopeful, or encouraging.

We call communication with God prayer

God is good and therefore we exist in a universe of good. God living in, through, and as us is all good, affirmative, and positive.

The place where we meet God is within ourselves, the inner sanctuary, the heart temple. We can retreat to this inner sanctuary anytime, anywhere.

What Is an Example of Affirmative Prayer?

Here is one simple way to pray affirmatively:

  • Become still. Breathe intentionally and slowly to calm yourself.
  • With each breath out, release resistance.
  • With each breath in, mentally move your thoughts to your heart.

Form a positive statement to focus on and repeat at least three times.

A positive statement is affirmative, simple, and clear. A statement such as “I receive only good” or “Health is my nature” shifts your thoughts to an elevated, more positive outlook.”

Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry of Unity, has been praying with people seeking spiritual support for 125 years.

The 24/7 prayer ministry—which responds to prayer requests via telephone, postal mail, online, or via the uPray free mobile app—serves people of all faiths from all parts of the world.

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Affirmative prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led to our highest good, despite any temporary appearances.

Metaphysicians believe that thoughts transmit magnetic energy and this energy attracts other energy of the same frequency. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your thoughts are transmitting energy that is attracting more of the same. When you remain focused on your intentions, you will draw those things into your life. By using an affirmative prayer approach, we can visualize and plan for the future with faith that the power of God is continually blessing our lives with unlimited possibilities.