What A Wonderful World We Live In

What A Wonderful World We Live In ~

John and Ruth Jones were celebrating the 4th of July by having their extended family over for a cookout. They had planned a spectacular home fireworks display--even though fireworks were illegal in their state.

A relative called at the last minute to ask if he could bring a friend to the cookout. John and Ruth graciously said yes. The friend turned out to be a police officer. What were John and Ruth to do? John quietly whispered to their son, John, Jr., "Hide the fireworks--quick." That is no surprise. If you are doing something illegal, you probably would not want a police officer to be present. So, young John disappeared to do as he was instructed.

John and Ruth began greeting their family members including their police officer guest. One extended family member brought some chicken to grill, so John pointed her around back and told her the gas grill was all set to use. "Just turn on the gas and push the ignition button with the lid still closed," he said.

A few minutes later John, Jr. came back in through the front door. His father hurried to him and said, "Whew, that was close! That man's a police officer, and he almost saw the fireworks. Did you hide them real well?" "Oh, yes!" said John, Jr. "Nobody will ever think to look inside the gas grill!"

Have you ever tried to keep a secret? Of course you have. Maybe it was a secret about your personal life or maybe it was a secret about your work. Joke writer Robert Orben once made an interesting observation. He noted that, after all these years, the formulas for making Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken are still secrets.  However, how to make a hydrogen bomb is available on the Internet.

Ah! What a wonderful world we live in! It’s just so darn entertaining!

And…there are so many wonderful things to celebrate about this fine country of ours as well…if you have the eyes to see it.

So this Sunday…let’s kick off the summer with a pre-fourth of July Sunday celebration! 

Infinite Love,
Rev. Cathy