What is Your Financial Psychology?

What is Your Financial Psychology? ~
In the mid 1990's I bought a Showtime Rotisserie oven from an infomercial on TV. I loved it! I baked the best chicken and lamb in that thang! You just couldn't go wrong with it! And the slogan that went along with that fabulous kitchen aid was "Set it and Forget it!"And that is exactly how the Universe works..it is the Set it and Forget it principle!
Make an intention, put it in the big Cosmic Rotisserie Oven, close the lid and go about your happy-go-lucky way!
The thing is...not everyone likes to forget about it. RIGHT? Especially when money comes into the picture! Sometimes when unexpected bills come in, we decide to worry and work it over in our minds. And we send out a frequency of "OY VEY or YOWZA or EEEEEK!"
Vibes of OY, YOWZA or EEEEK entirely oppose the very thing we want to manifest and the Universe cant do it's most miraculous job! You can certainly choose to fret and strive or you can let the Cosmic rotisserie oven take your ideal scene and line everything up to serve you exactly what you need. So this Sunday we are going to set our intention as to how we want to be with our money and learn the Unity principle behind money.
Here's to setting it and forgetting it!
Much love,
Rev. Cathy