What's the Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea? ~

In the Jewish Bible (our Old Testament), there is a fascinating message for us today.  That message is what to do (and not do) when we receive a big idea.  We might also call Sunday's message, "What to do when you are swallowed by a big fish," which is what happened to the prophet Jonah. 

In one of my very favorite Bible stories to interpret metaphysically, Jonah first does what many of us have done (me included) when we receive a big idea from Spirit.  He goes as fast as he can...in the opposite direction.  Then, what follows is quite an adventure as he is swallowed by a "big fish" (not a whale). 

Join us on Sunday December 8th for a lesson in how surrendering to our guidance always leads to having more of everything in life we want.

With love,
Rev. Phil