Who We Are

We are a vibrant, inclusive, spiritual community, inspiring people to realize and express their divine nature.

While personal and spiritual growth come from within, most people appreciate friendships, support and companionship along the way.

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beach meditation

Unity of Santa Barbara is committed to helping you find your way to your own understanding - and experience - of the Divine.

Unity of Santa Barbara

Provide spiritual nourishment to souls who seek it

Allow space for Growth, self directed or assisted

Share this sacred space with our surrounding community 

What is ours to be and do

We inspire, educate, and serve to awaken our oneness with Spirit.

What we seek to manifest

Centered in divine love, we celebrate a kind and awakened world filled with peace, abundance and joy.

How we get there

Living Consciously

God - Centered  |  Community

Abundance  |  Inclusion



But how, exactly, can one do all that? Try these on - Core Values Supporting Behaviors