Woman Within Open Circle

Community Room


Saturday, September 14 & Saturday, December 14 ~ 10 am to 12  pm ~ Community Room ~ (arrive at 9:45 for a 10am start)

Are you tired of superficial connections?
Interested in meeting women who want to further their personal growth from a place of authenticity? 

Looking for a confidential space where you can share about the things that are important to you?

Then its time to try a Woman Within Open Circle. 
Women are often amazed at how much can be gained from a single visit to one of these circles,
tapping into the collective wisdom of the group.
You are also welcome to simply 
come and be present without sharing.
What to bring: Nothing but yourself, but feel free to bring your own hot or cold drink in a closed container.
Cost: these meetings are always free.
Please send your RSVP (with phone number) to Jenny Calcoen at jc@jennycalcoen.com
Feel free to bring friends with you. Just be sure to let us know how many. We look forward to seeing you at an Open Circle soon!