You Can Get There from Here

During these last few weeks that I remain in this role as your minister, I have promised to share what I consider the gold standards of spiritual insights and practices.  These ideas and ways of seeing and being have been most fruitful in breaking through to deeper peace, grander visions of possibility and freedom.
This week I have chosen to focus the article and Sunday message on, well…focus itself.  That is, paying attention to attention.  You don’t need to be a spiritual adept to recognize that most of the time our attention is constantly drawn outward to the multiplicity and diversity of things that appear within our awareness, and rarely on the pure capacity to be aware, that lies silently as the ground of all perception.
While nearly everybody pretty much agrees that mindfulness is immensely beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit and yet few take the time to pay attention to this innate capacity and develop it as an ever-present lens of awareness that illuminates Presence itself.
Presence is full awareness of our Being; our divine essence experienced through the portal of the present moment. The awareness of Presence will bring us back into the fold of equanimity for all manner of life's distractions. Small or great, for there are no levels of difficulty in the healing power of Presence. Presence is closer than hands or feet, nearer than our breath. And that is the very irony of our default behavior which sends us backward and forwards, hither and yon to find the place that is imminently close. Never mind that the past is gone, and we can't change it, and the future hasn't taken place, we nonetheless seek to dwell in those imagined places in mind, rather than occupying the only moment we do occupy - the moment that is now.
When we call off the search, stop resisting with mind and body, and bring our whole being into the fold of the present moment, we are back in the abode of wholeness and peace - even when life derails our plans. This is good news - we can get there from here. 
You and I are here for a reason. The reason is, to Be here. Being here is the clarion call of infinite Presence calling us back to life, to wholeness, to peace and harmonious relationship with all that is. The present moment is the portal to the life we have been seeking over there, someday and somewhere. That life has arrived. It is with us when we are getting what we want, and it is with us when we aren't getting what we want. But if we stay present with whatever arises, we will discover that Life is what we want...and it'll be there for us.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry