Youth Education Update

June 2020 - UoSB Youth Ministry resumes meeting in person! more info: guidelines

Look for us gathering in the back courtyard area by the fountain this Sunday at 9:30 AM!

Zoom meetings will be discontinued for the time being. It's also time for our annual fundraiser! This year's theme is "100 Things That Make Me Happy!"  Click here to participate!

May 2020 - 5 Unity Principles

Hello Unity Families!

We are starting a curriculum series on the 5 Unity Principles! These are the basics and are such good reminders for all ages. I find that the more simple the lesson, the easier it is to understand and implement it into life. I'm including a youtube video lesson from a licenced Unity teacher who wrote a book about the Unity Principles. She has included some great examples of how God is present everywhere. Check it out and enjoy a little connection time with your kiddo's. It's great to talk about these lessons at home to reinforce the concepts if possible.  The Five Come Alive:  I Am!

We will also focus on the 5 Principles on our zoom call for the next few weeks. I look forward to sharing a story and project ideas with you. I mostly look forward to seeing you all, even if it's on a screen.  Please email me at to get the zoom login info if you don't already have it. 

Spiritual Lesson for Home & Zoom Call ~ Week of April 19, 2020

Hello Youth Families,It was so great to see so many of you on last week's zoom call. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We would like to start having a "Show And Tell" every Sunday on our call. If your child has created something in the past week such as an art or gardening project,  or lego design, we'd love to have it be shared on Sunday mornings. Let's celebrate our creativity and give others ideas while we are spending time at home. I'd like to focus on what's been created versus what's been purchased if possible.

This week's lesson is about transformation. Celebrating life and how we change. We change and transform in many ways, inside and out.

Here is the caterpillar meditation. 

Spiritual Lesson for Home & Zoom Call ~ Week of April 12, 2020

Not just for kids, this week's lesson is centered around Easter and how it represents more than just colorful eggs and candy.  It's about a time of awakening. Easter Curriculum

Jennifer will also be posting another video on the Unity of Santa Barbara Youth & Family Ministry facebook page.

Spiritual Lesson for Home & Zoom Call ~ Week of April 5, 2020

Jennifer has created another lesson you can use at home with your family.  The curriculum is often created with several ages in mind so use what works well for your kids.  Please don't feel pressure to use all of it or ask every question.  Jennifer's hope is that it's giving you an opportunity to be creative, find some peaceful moments to connect with spirit, each other and practice positive life skills.  Click on the links below.

What I Feel          Feeling Cards How To Be Happy Curriculum

Youth Ministry and Volunteers - Let's stay connected! ~ March 2020

We will have a Zoom call for all youth ministry kids, families and volunteers Sundays starting at 11:30 am. Let's get together to see each other and check-in. Youth and Family Director Jennifer Somerville will share a story and creative experience for the Unitots and Unikids too. Jennifer is also including a Lesson Plan that can be facilitated at home with the family. These will be created weekly so check the website for more to come.

This week's lesson is about transform