Youth Ministry Guidelines for Meeting

In-Person Youth Ministry Gatherings Post-Covid at UoSB

We will begin meeting June 28th at 9:30

  • We will gather at the fountain outside
  • All of our time together will be outside
  • Families will check in with youth ministry staff, staff will sign the children in and out
  • Staff will also gather updated contact information for each family
  • Children 3 and up will wear masks
  • All staff will wear masks
  • Children are encouraged to bring yoga mats. Mats will be provided if children do not have a mat. These will be properly cleaned before and after service
  • Yoga mats will be placed 6 feet apart
  • Children will be encouraged to stay 6 feet apart during our time together
  • Each child will be given a bag of supplies for all activities. All supplies will be cleaned before and after each use
  • Please do not bring toys to service
  • Please only come to service if everyone at home is healthy